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Merry Christmas, Butterfly! Hehe...I've been experimenting with frames lately, and this layout seems to work best for just about anything (including liquid highways, *wink wink*). I was so moved by the gifts you made me, that I decided to make you a pretty gift page jam packed full of inside jokes!

And if you'll just look to the left, you'll see Tamahome who matches the layout and has the same astrological sign as you (at least I think. If not, he's just really cute, kay?) ^_^. And you'll also notice that Miaka has been conveniently cut out of the picture, thanks to your team of talented assassins. (We put the "ass" in assassins! -__-;;)

And now, you'll have to look really hard for your presents. I've strategically hidden them in this frame. Here's a hint- look d o w n. (Aren't I obnoxious? hehe.)

gift 1
gift 2
gift 3

Hope you enjoy! Have a very Merry Christmas....full of nice bishounen.