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Need some background info on our Yui-chan? Here's her profile:

That delusional chick we love!
Name: Hongo Yui (Hongo= family name)
Role: Seiryuu No Miko- "Mortal Princess of the Blue Dragon"
D.O.B: October 28, which makes her a Scorpio
Birthplace:Tokyo, Japan
Appears: Duh...first episode!
Blood Type: AB
Height: 5'3" or 5'4"
Interests: Reading Mysteries, listening to music, and Tamahome.
Other information: Yui is an only child whose parents work a lot and leave her at home, so she tends to keep to herself sometimes. She's very intelligent, and is constantly poking fun at Miaka for being so lazy and having such an appetite. Yui gets jealous easily, and doesn't forgive betrayal.

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