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Although the series didn't include Yui-chan having much of a love life, there were a few men who caught her eye. Here, you'll find out all about her potential lovers, and see what they shared.

WARNING: Major spoilers in this section!

Case #1:Tamahome

"So maybe I didn't see it first, but I'm the one who wants it worse/ I don't even know what I'm wanting yet, but I know I'm wanting something..." -7 Year Bitch

Tamahome is one of the Suzako Seishi...
He is the first (reasonably attractive) man that Yui sees when she and Miaka are pulled into the book. She and Miaka both fall for him, but Yui probably wouldn't have, if it had not been for Miaka. Since Tamahome saw them both at the same time and chose Miaka, Yui is insanely jealous, and wants him for herself. Tamahome begs Yui to go with Miaka and him to Konan, but Nakago stands in her way before she can respond... In the end, Yui comes to accept Tamahome's love for Miaka, but not before she gets Nakago to turn him evil and he breaks the spell. =\

Case #2:Nakago

"I don't need to fantasize/ You are my pet all the time/ I don't care if you go blind/ You get what you get until you're through with mine" -Godsmack

Nakago is one of the Seiryuu Seishi...
When Yui-chan returns from her world, she is attacked by two men, and falls unconsious. When she awakens, she discovers that Nakago has rescued her, and she realizes that those two men raped her. What Nakago doesn't tell her is that he saved her before those creeps could harm her. He wants her hate for Miaka to build so that they will become enemies, and he plays them against each other the whole time. Ashamed, Yui slits her left wrist in attempts to kill herself, but it doesn't work. When Miaka finds out what happened to Yui and discovers that Nakago had lied, she told Yui, but she refused to believe her until the very end.
After Nakago is defeated in the last episode, Yui wears his earring, because it hadn't disappeared. She tells Miaka that no matter how many bad things Nakago did, she just couldn't bring herself to hate him. This is probably because he told her he loved her, and he always protected her, even if he was using her all the while. (He wanted one of Yui's wishes from the god Seiryuu to grant him immortality.)

Case #3:Suboshi

"I could be your lover, chained under the water/ Under the water.../ I could be swimming out to save you, No one here would save you/ To make it easier" -Merril Bainbridge

Suboshi is also one of the Seiryuu Seishi...
He goes to join the other Seiryuu Seishi in Kotou Country later on, and doesn't really connect with Yui until after he discovers that his twin brother, Amiboshi, has drowned. He pictures Amiboshi lying on the ground bleeding to death while the Suzako Seishi gloat over him, and he instantly wants vengeance. Nakago leaves Suboshi in a room to mourn for his brother, and Yui goes to comfort him. She says it will be okay, but he screams at her and claims she wouldn't understand. In reply, she kneels next to him and puts an arm around him, saying softly, "It's okay. You just cry as long as you need to." He looks at her, shocked by her compassion. She really does understand.
Later on, Suboshi plays the role of protectig Yui while she is travelling. While they are hiding in a forest, he kisses her and begins to tell her he loves her, but she pushes him away, frightened. He is hurt, until he finds that Yui was attacked and "raped" because Miaka didn't save her. He vows to get revenge on Miaka and all the Suzako Seishi for hurting Yui, and will now seek this revenge at all cost.
When Yui and Miaka are back in their own world again, Miaka sees Yui and tries to talk to her, but Suboshi appears and tries to kill Miaka. Yui gave Suboshi the bow of her uniform so that he could use it to travel to their world, in case he needed to protect her. Suboshi chases Miaka, with intent to kill her, but runs into Tamahome. Suboshi sends a spinning ball from his whip to chase after Tamahome, but he runs, jumps over Suboshi, and the ball hits Suboshi through the chest. (In the anime, the spirits of Tamahome's family, who Suboshi killed, hold him so he can't move, but in the manga, he just doesn't dodge.) Suboshi is killed, clutching Yui-chan's bow. His last words are "Yui....Brother...." *Wah! How sad!*

Case #4:Seiryuu

"Hey, run away with the light/ Run away it's divine/ Let's run away, yeah, tonight and/ We'll steal the light of the world" -HOLE

Seiryuu is the god to which Yui is a priestess... When Yui obtains the seven Seiryuu Seishi, she calls upon Seiryuu to grant her three wishes. His power fills her, and she says the word "Koujin" to summon him when she wants a wish to be granted. With every wish, Yui becomes consumed by the animal god Seiryuu. Okay, so he only wanted Yui for a human sacrifice...But they'd make a cute couple in a sick sort of way.... -_-;;

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