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It is rumored that Nagisa Kowaru is gay (a.k.a a homosexual, prefers the company of men, etc). Now, watching episode 24, the only episode he happens to be in, it is abundantly clear why one would think that Kowaru likes men; namely Shinji. However, I think it is a matter of opinion. I also think it's only fair to argue both sides and let people decide for themselves. After all, any of these situations can be taken either way:

Case One: Kowaru is constantly saying things that make Shinji a)blush b)startled c)awkward.

for: Shinji is flustered because Kowaru is so blunt. He says things to Shinji that imply that he is attracted to him, or would like to get to know him better.

against: Shinji is terrified of being afraid and hurt, and is very shy. Therefore, someone speaking to him so honestly and directly throws him off and scares him. Anyone that spoke to him like they understood him would cause the same reaction.

Case Two: Kowaru and Shinji take a shower together.

for: they're comfortable with showering together because they have a romantic understanding.

against: they're in separate shower stalls, and they can only see each other from the neck up anyway.

Case Three: When Shinji says it's time to go to bed, Kowaru says, "With me?"

for: Kowaru is letting Shinji know he's interested.

against: Kowaru is new to the whole "human interaction" concept. He may not know he's being sexual at all. He may just think he's being a friend. And also, Shinji says, "Ah.. uh.. No! I mean, you have your own room."

Case Four:
Kowaru: "People will always feel pain in their hearts. That is why some believe that life is pain. Your heart is fragile like glass, and you are deserving of my empathy."
Shinji: "Huh?"
Kowaru: "I'm saying I love you."

for: simple- he loves him.

against: He never says he loves him as a lover. He says he is deserving of his empathy, which can mean anything.

Case Five: Before he dies, Kowaru says to Shinji, "Thank you Shinji... my life was meaningful... because of you."

for: He says this because he is in love with Shinji.

against: He says this because Shinji gave him greater understanding of the human race, which was why he spared it.

And there you have it. I don't know if it's convincing either way, but those are just some examples of why people think Kowaru is gay. He might be, but then again, he might not.