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spasmodic : my very vague and unrealistic journal. emphasizes my insanity.

loveless : an archive of the past events in my lovelife. i stopped posting, but it's still up for viewing.

i light the fire : dark, demented short stories.


delusions : a shrine to the tortured Yui of fushigi yuugi. it's one of the only yui shrines out there, because she is so ignored and hated...and you wonder why she's so tortured.

lovely metal : a very extensive site to the metal senshi (animamates) of sailormoon.

nemesis : a dark kingdom fanfic based on the villains of sailormoon. it's edgy, it's evil, it's...not finished.

coming soon:

eva adore: a series of shrines to the almighty cast of neon genesis evangelion, being created in collaboration with my good friend butterfly.

wonderlust: a story about alice in wonderland gone terribly wrong.

heartbreakers: a rockergirl gallery featuring chicks like gwen stefani, shirley manson, courtney love, and others that rock our world.

three-second crush: all i know about this project is that there will be lots of sexy boys in here. lots.

x clear x