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ah yes, another new layout. i am officially addicted to frames and gorgeous men. can you blame me? of course not.

this layout features bobby and ryan from the band orgy. bobby's sexy self is proudly displayed on the splash page, and ryan is that luscious blonde to your right. tasty!

i am so proud of this layout because it looks like it was difficult to make, but it was alarmingly simple html-wise. the real bitch was splitting up the rounded image to make a table, because paint shop pro 6.02 doesn't quite help in that department. damn me and my loss of adobe photoshop. then i could stop bitching about the inconvenience.

but all frustration is melted away when i look at this layout and how it turned out. it makes me want to run off and buy orgy's new cd, vapor transmission. those boys make me want to sneeze backwards (that is an inside joke about having an orgasm).

x clear x